Medipain Brand

Using soap-free skin cleansers in liquid form as “gel cream” and solid form as dermatological “syndet bar” has been recommended by doctors to preserve skin physiological balance for everyone and all skin types.

Soap-free liquid and solid cleansers are a new generation of skin cleansers which consist of synthetic cleansers and a combination of gentle anion cleansers and a low portion of amphoteric cleansers. Excellent acidity compatibility with skin is their most important advantage.

Undoubtedly, the production of such novel cleansers with Medipain brand is very delicate and scrupulous and requires advanced equipment.

The experts of GolafshanCosmeceutical Laboratory now have the technology of producing soap-free solid cleansers known as “dermatologicalbars” or syndet bars with Medipain brand and the liquid form as “Laminin gel cream” for different skin types.

Different Medipaindermatologicalsyndet bars include: Medipain for oily and acne prone skin, Medipain for dry and sensitive skin, Medipain for dry and normal skin, Medipain with cream, Medipain for babies.


Medipain Brand Products

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