Medilann Moisterizing Cream For Dry Skin

  • For face and body dry skin
  • Powerful moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin types
  • With the most effective moisturizing agents
  • Infiltrates stratum corneum deeply, absorbs abundant water and preserves long-lasting moisture

Volume: 50 mg


Urea 5%

The 5 percent urea in this product infiltrates stratum corneum easily, absorbs abundant water and preserves it for a long period of time.


Approximately 42% of skin natural fat contains ceramide. As a powerful moisturizer, it relieves skin from dryness and dehydration. It creates an effective barrier against environmental irritants and skin dehydration. In addition to preserving moisture, ceramide helps cell rejuvenation and increases skin elasticity.


It is a natural compound that prevents dry skin. It preserves the water stored in skin layers in low humidity.


Apply on skin daily and reapply several times if needed (particularly after washing).


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