Laminin Cleansing Milk

  • Cleanses makeup and lifts away impurities
  • Preserves skin moisture and balances PH
  • Helps regulate and control oily skin
  • Compatible PH with skin
  • Fortifies skin immunity
  • For all types of skin

Volume 150 mg

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It is a moisturizer and softener. It helps sensitive and dry skin types that require a proper cleanser suitable for their special condition.

Lanolin alcohol

It is used as an emulsion in the formula.


It regulates PH as skin has acidic PH naturally. The acidic condition helps protect skin and prevent dryness and damage caused by alkalization.


Apply a proper amount of cleansing milk on your palm, massage on your face with fingertips and circular motions. Then clean makeup carefully using a cotton ball or pad.


  • Compatible acidity with skin is a significant advantage of cleanser milk over soaps. It also preserves natural skin oil.
  • Please rinse your face with water after using cleanser milk and dry gently to ensure that impurities have been lifted away.
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