MedipainSyndet Bar for Dry and Sensitive Skin

  • For dry and sensitive face and body skin, for women and men
  • Powerful cleanser
  • Relieves dry skin caused by sensitivity to detergents, skin diseases and cold weather
  • Suitable for skin conditions (psoriasis, atopiceczema, etc.)
  • Softens skin and prevents skin scaling
  • Lightens and energizes skin
  • With PH5 compatible with skin natural acidity

Volume: 100g


Wheat starch

It softensand lightens skin.

Rice oil

It is anti-aging and anti-wrinkles. The fatty acids in rice oil connect with the stratum corneum and dead cells on epidermis and remove them gently. It also boosts skin flexibility and rejuvenation and reduces wrinkles significantly.


It softensskin and leaves a smooth feeling and it is anti-microbial.



Use similar to soap bars. Successive use will not result in dryness and tightness.


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