Medipain Baby Syndet Bar

  • For babies’ sensitive skin
  • Strong moisturizer and hydrator
  • Prevents and treats inflammation caused by diaper rash
  • Prevents dry skin
  • With PH 6.5 compatible with natural skin acidity
  • For all age ranges of babies and children

Volume: 100g

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Zink oxide

It is anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial and helps wounds heal. It also treats sunburn and dry skin.

Coconut oil

It is one of the best natural skin moisturizers and it softens and lightens skin.

Castor oil

It is rich with fatty acids that soften and leave a smooth feeling. It is also anti-inflammatory and helps the treatment of inflammation and redness of sensitive skin types.

Rice oil

It softens and lightens skin.

Vitamin E

It is a softener and moisturizer and helps regeneration of skin cells. It fades brown spots and skin wounds. In spite of helping skin growth, it also recovers moisture.



Use after diaper change and bath to preserve skin moisture. It keeps skin away from side effects caused by soap bars.


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