Medilann Exfoliating Cream AHA 15%

  • Exfoliating and rejuvenating
  • Reduces the appearance of different spots caused by aging, sunburn, pregnancy, pimples, wounds, and freckles
  • For face, neck, armpits, groin, knees, and ankles
  • Exfoliating, lightening, anti-wrinkles, stimulating collagen making and deep moisturizing
  • For women and men and all skin types

Volume: 50 mg

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Alpha hydroxy acids (lactic, citric, glycolic, tartaric)

Exfoliating and skin cell regenerating, anti-wrinkles and moisturizing

Glycolic acid is derived from saccharum, lactic acid from milk, malic acid from apple, and citric acid from many sour fruits.

Liquid paraffin




Isopropyl myristate


Sodium lactate



Apply on clean skin at night. Apply also in the morning if your dermatologist prescribed.


  • Avoid contact with eyes, eyelashes, and mucus membrane.
  • It is necessary to use sunscreen cream in the treatment period.
  • Because of deep exfoliating effect this cream will cause dry skin. However, the liquid paraffin in the formulation will prevent dryness to a large extent.
  • The peeling acts on surface by AHA compounds without affecting deeper layers (10 to 20 percent concentration types).
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