Samin’s12% AHA Exfoliation and Lightening Cream

  • For removing spots created from sunburns, aging, pimples, scars, and freckles.
  • Suitable for use on areas such as face, neck, armpit, groin, knee, and ankle
  • Collagen stimulation and skill rejuvenation
  • Preventing wrinkles by removing fine lines on the skin

Weight: 50 mg

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Alpha hydroxy acid 12%

Keratolytic for removing rough and dead skin

Kojic acid

Decoloring the melanin in the skin by inhibiting the Tyrosinaseenzyme.

Vitamin C

Repairing the skin, fighting with free radicals, collagen stimulation, preventing lipid peroxidation (darkening the skin and pigmentation).

Glycyrrhizic acid (Licorice extract)

Prerequisite for Kojic acid’s activity. It has16 times the lightening effect of Hydroquinone.


Extracted from the bearberry plant it is a prerequisite for Kojic acid’s activity.  It also inhibits Tyrosinase enzyme.


It is an anti-inflammatory agent and activates the cell rejuvenation process.



Apply the cream on the desired area at night (or day if prescribed by your doctor)



  • The use of sunscreens is necessary during the treatment.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, eyelids or any mucous membranes.
  • Avoid using on wounds and inflamed areas.
  • Stop using it after witnessing any inflation or allergic reactions


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