Laminin Anti Hair Loss Solution

  • With new formulation
  • Strengthens and promotes thicker hair
  • For thin, weak, and fragile hair
  • Nourishes hair follicles and improves blood flow
  • Treats and controls hair fall, stimulates hair regrowth
  • Contains minoxidil, caffeine, and herbal extracts
  • Helps regulate the activity of sebaceous glands and controls sebum (natural oil) secretion
  • Prevents formation of dihydrotestosterone from testosterone (one of the main causes of hair fall)
  • Treats hair fall caused by hormonal factors in both men and women

Volume: 75 mg

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Minoxidil (1.75%)

Slowing or stopping hair fall and stimulating hair regrowth has made minoxidil a new topical formulation to treat androgenic hair loss. It is included in the category of vasodilators and was first used as an oral medication to treat hypertension. However,experts gradually noticed its significant side effect in increasing the growth or darkening of hair. Minoxidil can increase blood flow, oxygenation, and nourishment of hair follicles as it dilates the channels of cell membrane. As a result, it stimulates hair regrowth and prolongs hair growth cycle.

Caffeine (1%)

Caffeine infiltrates hair follicles and therefore enters the blood flow. Thus it prevents hair from entering the telogen phase. Caffeine increases the growth and multiplication of cells by stimulating cellular metabolism. In low concentration, it reduces androgenic hair loss (hair loss related to male hormone).

Rosemary extract

It helps dilation of veins leading to better blood flow in scalp and hair growth stimulation. Rosemary is also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and repairing.

Nettle extract

Stimulating hair growth, nourishing and fortifying hair follicle, controlling excessive skin oil are the most important effects of nettle extract. It is also a hair growth stimulant and can play a crucial role in reducing and stopping hair loss by controlling oily scalp.

Horsetail extract

It restores tissues and provides the minerals required for hair follicles. Horsetail extract contains minerals including silica which are necessary for hair follicles and thus it fortifies hair.

Saw palmetto extract

Saw palmetto extract can control 5-alpha reductase enzyme, as a result it prevents formation of dihydrotestosterone form testosterone which is the main factor in hair loss. Therefore, it prevents hair loss in the applied areas.


Spray on clean scalp or the intended area twice a day, then massage to help absorption by the roots.

Please avoid rinsing and washing for a few hours after application.


  • Avoid applying on sensitive, damaged skin and open wounds.
  • Laminin anti hair loss shampoo is recommended as a supplementary.
  • Continue using this solution to achieve maximum outcome.
  • Laminin anti hair loss shampoo and solution have similar ingredients in order to prevent hair loss and help hair regrowth and strengthening.
  • Concurrent use of Laminin Minoxidil and Caffeine Shampoo and Solution will increase the effect of active agents. Therefore, you will notice hair fall control and a significant increase in hair regrowth in a shorter period of time.
  • Consult your physician for use during pregnancy.


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