Laminin Eyebrow Growth Booster Lotion

  • Prevents eyebrow hair loss, boosts and increases eyebrow growth
  • Suitable for plucked, shaved, dyed, and tattooed eyebrows
  • Stimulates blood flow, also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
  • For both women and men

Volume: 12 mg

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Acetyl tetrapeptide-3

It increases the ratio of Anagen to Telogen. It treats hair follicle anchoring by stimulating fibroblasts and making collagenand extracellular matrix proteins. The repairing effect on the link between derm and epidermis treats hair anchoring. It reduces 1 and 8 interleukins. Additionally, it helps contain Alpha 5 reductase enzyme.

Red clover extract

It is rich with Biochanin-A and helps contain Alpha 5 reductase enzyme. It is also anti-inflammatory.


It helps dilation of veins leading to better blood flow and hair growth stimulation.


The extract contains Alpha 5 reductase enzyme (the agent related to male sex hormone), hence it prevents hair loss.


It restores tissues and provides the minerals (silica) required for hair follicles. Also, it has antiseptic and healing effects.


Its extract enhances blood flow in the capillaries of the applied area. The effective ingredient in the extract, thymol, is a germicide and antiseptic. Also, the polymethoxy flavonoids present in thyme make it antioxidant.


It consist of great amounts of cysteine, sulfur, silicon, and silica.


It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and stimulates blood flow.

Birch oil

It is a germicide and protects skin from viral and bacterial infections. In addition, it increases blood flow.


Apply twice a day (morning and night) on eyebrows in the direction of hair growth after washing, cleaning, and removing makeup.


  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, first close your eyes and clean eyelashes and the area around the eyes using a clean cloth, facial tissue, or cotton pads, then wash your eyes with lukewarm water.
  • Avoid washing your eyebrows at least for two hours after application for complete absorption.
  • Do not apply the solution in case of any open wounds.
  • The treatment period is 4 months and it is recommended to continueusing once a day after the treatment period.


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