Medilann Body Lotion

  • Anti-inflammation
  • For all skin types
  • Energizes skin and leaves a fresh feeling
  • Moisturizes and revives skin
  • Effective treatment for dry skin after bathing, sunbathing, and indoor tanning
  • With anti-wrinkle and free radical neutralizing agents
  • High absorption

Volume: 150 mg

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Aloe Vera

As a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agent, Aloe Vera gel helps dry skin significantly. It is a great natural moisturizer. It hydrates skin and boosts its elasticity.

Urea 3%

Urea is extremely hydrophilic and preserves hydration of skin cells. It softens the stratum corneum and easy removal of dead cells because of keratolytic effects.


It is a great and efficient skin moisturizer and softener.

Propylene glycol

It is a skin softener and moisturizer.

Cetearyl ethylhexonate and isopropyl myristate

The combination of these compounds is one of the softening and moisturizing agents in this product.


  • Use after bathing or washing.
  • Apply on moist skin for a better result.
  • For all areas of body skin.
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