We have been among the most prominent cosmetics producers in Iran and in the world, producing a variety of products for our customers and patients using the best quality raw materials alongside with the most reputable production laboratories around the world including brands Samin, Medilann, Medisun, Medipain, Laminin, Medipure, Phyto One.

Our products in skin emollients have been introduced and presented by Samin brand from around three decades ago.

Furthermore, we have tried to focus on skin beauty and rejuvenating alongside with emollient and energizing products by producing diverse products in Medilann brand.

Also, producing and presenting new cleansers referred to as Syndet Bar or dermatologic pans in Medipain brand have helped maintaining healthy skin significantly recently.

Another honor for us has been producing specialized shampoos, liquid soap-free cleansers, and herbal extracts based hair strengthening lotions in Laminin brand.

The products in Medisun brand have concentrated on distinct sunscreen creams for different kinds of skins and in forms of tinted and foundation with different SPFs for all family members.

The new brands includingMedipure and Phyto One have been able to meet the demands by producing herbal extract based non-soap cleaners for a beautiful and healthy face and body skin.

The formulation and production of all these products have been successfully developedunder the observation of dermatologists, pharmacists, and cosmetics production and industry experts and engineers.

In this regard, we have been honored by plenty of national and international certificates including Halal products certificate and ISOs.

Under the constant supervision, this company has been approved by the experts and authorities of Ministry of Health and Medical Education and it has been selected as representative producer for several times.

GolAfshanArayesh Co. has earnestly took into consideration supporting consumers, recommendations, and business partners in all aspects according to its strategy from the initiation point.

To get the best of social media’s capabilities for quick notices, the catalogues and scientific brochures of the products have been chosen to be put on Telegram channel, website, and Instagram. In addition, some of the brochures have been printed in poster form and dispersed and installed in advertising campaigns in sales centers and pharmacies around the cities in the whole country to address customers’ questions.

The online sales exclusive website of the company has been developed in order to facilitate quick and maximum accessibility of the customers to the productions.

Vitamin C creams and IVs, Samin moisturizing 30% Urea gel, Samin Lip Balm, Laminin Antiperspirant, and Medipure and Phyto One non-soap cleansers have been added now in order to extend products and address the need of patients and customers.

Our efforts continue to improve the processes of production and use.

Your companionship is our honor.

We are here forevery need of families for healthy skin and hair.