About us

Golafshan Arayesh co.

GolAfshan Company has established in 1995 by skillful Iranian experts, scientists and industrialist to aim manufacturing hygienic, medical and cosmetic productions. GolAfshan Factory has occupied 3000 square meter of space area and is located in Eshtehard Industrial Zone (Alborz province).
The company was limited with single trademark called Samin at first, but due to country uprising necessities, this company varies its cosmetic and hygienic productions and move its strategy toward manufacture of other professional trademarks and increase company productions to 5 trademarks (Samin, Medilann, Laminin, Medipain, Medisun) and 59 diversities include varieties of creams, lotions,syndet bar, shampoos, solutions and other hygienic and cosmetic productions. However,  it has been allocated one separate unit to company for manufacture of new productions which is equipping and in early future will be exploited.
Finally GolAfshan Arayesh managers recommend that the goal of company is producing highest quality productions according to universal standards for respectful consumers in Iran and other countries.
گل آفشان آرایش تولید کننده ۵ برند ( ثمین - مدیلن - لامینین - مدیپن - مدیسان )
ثمین Samin
مدیلن Medilann
لامینین Laminin
مدیپن Medipain
مدیسان Medisun